Admit It, You Hate Retards

Based on what I’ve seen in this world, I can safely conclude that nobody likes the mentally retarded, even the care givers and job coaches don’t like them. The only reason why these people work with retards is because of the money, obviously. What pisses me off is that everybody is too afraid to admit that they don’t like retards.  The two reasons why for this is because the mentally retarded are the most vulnerable in our society and because nobody wants to appear to be a bigot. These two reasons for not openly hating the mentally retarded is absolutely ridiculous.

Yes, the mentally retarded are very vulnerable creatures. But they are also a determent of society. We’ve wasted so much taxpayer money on these creatures. If we’re going to spend money on these creatures, then we might as well pay the doctors of this world to sterilize them. Let’s face it, the retards contribute very little to nothing to society. Not only that, but these creatures are very annoying. Seriously people, can you stand a person in their late 20’s, early 30’s making child-like nosies? I don’t think so.

As for the bigotry goes, so what. Why should you care if you look like a bigot for hating the mentally retarded. We have this thing called freedom of expression. If more people came out and admitted that they hate the mentally retarded, then this wouldn’t be such as big deal.


One Response to “Admit It, You Hate Retards”

  1. I totally agree, they aught to be removed from the earth, if a child I have is retarded, you know for sure that it will be removed from the earth, they contribute nothing to society and are a waste of time and effort

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